co la – dial tone earth

May 19, 2011

I opened the mail today to a wonderful surprise: Co La‘s debut Dial Tone Earth arrived from Friends Records. Matthew Papich, now under the monicer of Co La, created Ecstatic Sunshine alongside of then-bandmate Dustin Wong back in 2004 releasing New Kind of Imagination and Freckle Wars before the end of 2006. Before Ecstatic Sunshine lost Wong to Ponytail (a great band, I might add), he and Papiah would bring in another Art School friends for Ecstatic Sunshine’s second full length album: the still distrotion-heavy, yet cleaner Way (2008). Fastforward to today. Dial Tone Earth has a feel of innerbeauty which creates an almost light headed sensation. Lasting just north of 45 minutes, Papich twists poppy samples with quick hitting tribal drumming that can best be described by Friends Records asking you to step back and “imagine skimming for a sweet spot and finding cool confusion.” Co La came just in time for the summer heat and we’re glad he could stop by.

Co La – Dial Tone Earth


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