moranis – how will i copulate (star slinger/whitney houston mashup)

May 22, 2011

Star Slinger, aka Darren Williams, has made his presence known the past year and rightfully so. The man has a handful of wonderbeat tracks under his belt and hasn’t stopped releasing above-par “refixes” including H-Town’s They Like It Slow and a free How To Dress Well’s Ready For The World. All of it blissed out, all of it hypeworthy. However, that’s only the beginning. I stumbled across a Star Slinger/Whitney Houston mashup on Hype Machine last night and, what I first thought was a Jackson 5 throwback, turned out to be a creation made for the bliss gods. Reigning from Sydney, Australia, Moranis is the alias of Alexander Tulett. ‘How Will I Copulate’ appears to be the only release of the ambient electronic producer. Alexander is also bassist for super FLORENCE jam, who’s most recent single ‘Signals‘ is a more bluesy, less sarcastic sounding Dandy Warhols (it’s free).

Moranis – How Will I Copulate (Star Slinger vs Whitney Houston) 

One Response to “moranis – how will i copulate (star slinger/whitney houston mashup)”

  1. Cass said

    totally blowing up in sydney clubs, ya know it


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