[local spotlight] loud valley

June 4, 2011

Too Many Carpets and myself our true believers in supporting and promoting local music. This is why once every two weeks Too Many Carpets will be putting the spotlight on a local act in the North/Central Florida area.

We last brought you Saskatchewan. This week we have Orlando’s Loud Valley. The first time I ever laid ears on the name Loud Valley headman Travis Reed was sprinting out from a night-cast backyard howling the band’s newly conceived name. The man was obviously excited, and for good reason. Loud Valley’s self-titled release soothes as much as it excites, their harmonies break you down as much as they pick you up.

You can purchase Loud Valley digitally for only $5 on their bandcamp. The album is also being released physically on Electric Kittyland Records very, very soon. Download ‘The Refrain’ and ‘Daytona Beach’ and watch the video for ‘Daytona Beach’ below.

Loud Valley – The Refrain

Loud Valley – Daytona Beach


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