coma cinema – ‘her sinking sun’ (foxes in fiction remix)

June 7, 2011

Coma Cinema and Foxes in Fiction are not strangers to one another. The two merged their unique styles and names (Coma Foxes) with ease, releasing the calming ‘School Night‘ late last year. Now, Foxes in Fiction’s Warren Hildebrand works his magic and adds even more tension to the already disturb original. Listen and download below.

Coma Cinema – Her Sinking Sun (Foxes in Fiction)

Continue on to download a couple remixes of Coma Cinema by Canada’s power-pop warriors Gobble Gobble and watch the original video for ‘Her Sinking Sun’ directed by Peep Cothran. (via)

Shout out to Crystal for the fact check.

Coma Cinema – Only (Gobble Gobble’s Sunshine Dust Remix)

Coma Cinema – At Night, the Sun Comes Out (Gobble Gobble’s Michael Bolton Romance Volcano)


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