jonti – ‘firework spraying moon’ (video)

June 19, 2011

Jonti Danimals (formally djanimals) is set to release his Stones Throw Records debut 7″ Firework Spraying Moon in August, but that’s not to say this considerably talented multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, and vocalist has not paid his dues, working with acts like Santigold, the Dap-Kings and producer Jon Agnello (!). Releasing brightly colored stroll-to tracks under danimals the aforementioned djanimals, Jonti is the integrate pop layers of Caribou and the deep casual vocals of Baths; two projects I hold dear. The most promising quality of Jonti is the progression of his sound (quickly compare 2011’s ‘Firework Spraying Moon’ and 2009’s ‘Hornet’s Nest’ below).


Each track has its own charming qualities, yes. However, Jonti’s recent work radiates a feeling of an in-your-head solidarity that reflects the focus of his upcoming self-assembled, self-produced album.

Jonti – Firework Spraying Moon

Stay on the look out for Jonti’s solo album Twirligig, due this October, also on Stones Throw Records.

Take the jump for Adidas-heavy video of Firework Spraying Moon‘s B-side: ‘Begone Slumber’ + one of Jonti’s unreleased works: ‘Red On Green (feat Jon Wayne)’  

Jonti Djanimals – Red On Green (feat. Jon Wayne)

(via Rose Quartz)


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