air drops – ep

June 23, 2011

The feeling of being lifted, intoxicated or not, is a sensation unlike anything else. Let Air DropsEP explain.

Their scarcely found vocals are used more as a washed out instrument than actual vocals. Coupled with twisted melodies, every track hides subtle nuances you don’t catch until your fourth time through. Each of the seven songs play as one, and still manage to evict different emotions. Some heavy, some weightless, all celestial. Beauty and angst, I can’t put this album down. The name says it all; their aired out progressions lift you, only to have it burst into pop drops that take you to another height. The 22 minutes of dreamed bliss are simply not enough. So, while I yearn for more, I have to give credit where credit’s due: they killed this EP.

For the full, lifted experience stream Air Drops’ debut EP in its entirety and enjoy the free download.

Watch the video for ‘JEJUNE’, an early nomination for song of the summer, below.


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