stand up against heart crime – self-titled ep

June 24, 2011

There’s a bright future in store for Barcelona’s Josep Xorto. 2010 saw the release of ‘A Hundred Lovers,’ built on simple charm and executed to today’s lo-fi standards. His new project Stand Up Against Heart Crime, leaves ‘A Hundred Lovers’ in the rearview and radiates in maturity. The easy-going charm of Josep’s previous work is set to cruise as the aired-out synth and shoegazed guitar are merged, made to glide over the groove-to lead. Keep an eye, both ears out for these transatlantic dreamers.

Stand Up Against Heart Crime’s set titled EP is available for free over their Bandcamp.

Stand Up Against Heart Crime – Am I safe?
Stand Up Against Heart Crime – I can’t stand myself sober

Continue to watch an unofficial video for ‘Am I safe?’ by Aram Bedrossian below.

(via Egyptian Maraccas)


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