sbtrkt – wildfire (feat. yukimi nagano) (video)

June 25, 2011

If there are two neo-soul electro projects you should end this summer knowing, it’s London’s anonymous producer SBTRKT (pronounced ‘subtract’) and Sweden’s Yukimi Nagano lead Little Dragon. Both are releasing albums before summer’s end; each, crafted and set to explode. Even though he has released an army of remixes and 7″ singles, SBTRKT is a fresh face to music connoisseur and unfrequent club goers. His first full length album entitled SBTRKT LP plays like a Damon Albarn record, conveying an overwhelming sensation of deja-vu without allowing the listener to pinpoint where it came from. We may never know SBTRKT by name, fine by me, this masked man lets his danceable sophistication speak for itself. 

In ‘Wildfire’, singer Yukimi Nagano of Little Dragon lays her fiery voice on the dub funk brainwaves that SBTRKT has become known for. The Sam Pilling direct video takes a page from The Exorcist, though the woman in distress appears to be more dehydrated than possessed. The dripping walls and mind of its own ceiling fan are neat touches, while SBTRKT’s mask brings in an eerie, god-is-watching element to the overall picture.

SBTRKT – Wildfire (Feat. Yukimi Nagano)
Little Dragon – Nightlight

SBTRKT LP by SBTRKT is out June 27 (UK)/ June 28 (US) on Young Turks. Until then you can stream SBTRKT LP in it’s entirety on Hype Machine. Ritual Union by Little Dragon is out July 25 on Peacefrog Records, where you can find all of their releases including Machine Dreams and Little Dragon LP.

Take the jump for a couple SBTRKT remixes, including one of Little Dragon’s ‘Never Never.’

Little Dragon – Never Never (SBTRKT Remix)
Goldie – Timeless (SBTRKT Remix)


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