[local spotlight] jordan shih

June 26, 2011

For our third installment local spotlight we have Orlando’s easy-going producer Jordan Shih. I met this gent soon after my move to Orlando and have had the pleasure of watching his progression from a fork in the road PreMed student to a driven musician. Though the thought had always lingered, it took a decade of  child-like awe and a modest knowledge of Fruityloops to create JSHIH in 2009. Influenced by noted acts like Aphex Twin, Baths and J Dilla, his self-described “ethereal” sound holds a unique, personal feel through the sampling and recording of his own voice. Off the record, the most notable characteristic of Jordan is the flexibility of his live shows, ranging from a rowdy five piece performance, vocalist included, to a more intimate, yet exhilarating guitar-midi solo set.

The Weeknd – The Morning (JSHIH Remix) (unmastered)

The journey is young and building speed; featured in two mixtapes in June alone. Sewer Tapes and AMDiscs teamed up earlier this month for the grime party rightfully titled Sewer Greats, Volume I, featuring acts like TMCP-hyped Teamm Jordann, AyGeeTee, and ‘this, distant’ by JSHIH. Not two weeks later, Jordan sent me word of another mixtape and his hardest hitting track yet: ‘Welcome Home’ under the moniker SALES. A highlight on digitally released compilation by Holy Page Records, which includes hyped acts BOY MTN and arcsin(100).

SALES – Welcome Home
JSHIH – this, distant

You can purchase the remarkably strange Sewer Greats, Volume I on Sewage Tapes’ Bandcamp for a $3.
Holy Page Compilation 2011 is out digitally on the Holy Page Bandcamp at any price and will be released physically on these nifty looking cassettes July 1. Preorder today, it’s limited to 50 copies!

The future is limitless; keep an eye out for impending releases by Jordan Shih.


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