ghibli – pythia

June 29, 2011

I received some saddening news the other day, the Thomas Michael project Jaded Hipster Choir is “no longer making music.” But in a world of fear and dispar, there is still hope. Enter Ghibli, a new chapter in the life of the classically trained man from Edmonton. Even though Jaded Hipster Choir got it’s start as a joke, trying to cover Owen Pallett (formerly Final Fantasy) on violin, it was beyond a marvel for my ears. In Pythia, the violin is still enchanted and ambient samples are chopped and screwed, in fact, Ghibli seems to start where JHC left off, creating a cognitive clash of varying instruments and genres. Listen below, you will not be disappointed.

Pythia is available for free on Ghibli’s Bandcamp (click above) and the cassette is out July 5 on Wonder Beard Tapes. Support this genre-bending mad man and expect great things to come.

Bonus: Ghibli – Mountain Time (Teams Re-Touch)


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