oh, oh, ecstasy – random songs

July 9, 2011

An impenetrable city, concrete slabs allow movement, while glass windows branch as high as the eye can see. Street-corner trees meant to simulate nature in an otherwise unnatural climate are just tall enough to avoid. Not for the faint of heart or fiends of skyline sunsets, the city can be an escape as easy as a cage. The distance from hazy beaches and breaking waves forces it’s inhabitants to dream. And dream they did.

Oh, Oh, Ecstasy first caught my ear with their the-name-says-it-all Lo Fi Goodness EP debut in March. Originally a solo bedroom project of multi-instrumentalist Peter Carlovich (sweet name), his psyched surf pop is young and pure. The trio’s garage drums, waning bass, and oh-so-twangy guitar can create fabled beach vibes through the thickest city smog. 

Oh, Oh, Ecstasy has a handful of random singles from an upcoming LP available for download on Bandcamp.

Oh, Oh, Ecstasy – Ride A Wave With You (Non LP Version)
Oh, Oh, Ecstacy – Spray Away (Non LP Version)


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