sea yarns – dunes on the mirage

July 12, 2011

“[Psychedelia isn’t] a world only reachable by hallucinogens but obtainable by questioning what we think is real and right, by challenging the conventions of form and temper… I discovered psychedelia and it seemed to have self-help properties that allowed me to let go of an immobilizing working class pride that was cementing a false identity into my psyche, stopping me from transforming.” — Psych Goddess Trish Keenan. The Wire, 2009

In a world of instant information, where your personal brand is spread throughout the depths of social sites, there is a growing trend of obscurity. Bands like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, who last year gifted the world with the single ‘Ffunny Ffriends‘, without a hypable trace of where it came from. There isn’t much out there about Boston’s gaze-rockers Sea Yarns. Their 5-track debut Dunes on the Mirage carries zero vocals and heavy melodies, a combination jam-packed with enticing abnormalities. Surf strung guitars, sawed off samples, euphoric psychedelia, all glazed over new age drumming.

Click the link to download.


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