young theme – Ethereals EP

August 3, 2011

The relatively new Berkeley producer Young Theme is making airwaves, soaking them in soft lust, a sound found ripe in the realm of the reflective. The angle of reflection is not from a solid mirror, rather, a prism. In his handful of in-home releases titled Ethereals EP, he man behind YT, Scott Barman, smooths out a tower of peace-of-mind into ten-minute meditations like a crashing tide to a sand castle. Sparks of Washed Out, Young Theme pulls lessons learned from the, now infamous, summer of chill waves not long ago.

Young Theme – A1 (M)
Young Theme – C (Young Theme)

And better yet, Young Theme is working on new material and is plotting a funk revolution (of sorts). You can listen to ‘Neon Bubblegum‘ for an idea.

The video for Ethereals EP‘s ‘Gradual’ is after the jump.

(via Get Off The Coast)


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