beat culture – goldenbacked weaver

August 5, 2011

Only 17 years old and packing midi plug galore, Beat Culture‘s Sunik Kim has knack for creating and mixing dense glitches and expansive electronica. Not only is this kid a youngin’, he just started six months ago. Following two EPs and a handful of remixes, Sunik Kim constructed Goldenbacked Weaver over the past month and a half and was nice enough to lend some tips on it:

1. More experimental stuff than before. Give it patience, some of the songs are pretty out there.
2. Turn it up: there’s some bangers here.
3. Use GOOD headphones or speakers, none of that built-in laptop speaker BS.
4. Terminal Five might blow out your speakers (it blew out my in-ear headphones). I am not liable for any damages

The progression between eariler work and Goldenbacked Weaver showcases a serious turn for the better. Not to say the april release of Ginza Waterway EP didn’t hold it’s own, in fact it’s quite good, rather Beat Culture is stepping away from the masses and making more personalized sounds/transitions. Each track off Goldenbacked Weaver flows seemlessly through one another, which is impressive judging by the diversity throughout the entire album.

Grab Goldenback Weaver and previous releases in their entirety on Bandcamp ($5 each or free on mediafire).


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