[local spotlight] maximino – not so cold, cave

August 12, 2011

Defined: Maximino clams greatness. A feat most seek, but rarely obtain. After hearing the latest work from Winter Park, Florida’s multi-instrumentalist, Gerald Perez, Maximino might be a bit modest. Not So Cold, Cave, the first of two six-song EPs, journeys deep into something distant, but very familiar. Gaining inspiration from the Marianna Caverns located in Florida’s Panhandle, Gerald glides ominous vocals over gaping psychedelia, tucking your senses away in all too personal cave.

Apart from his work in Maximino, Gerald supplies bass for Young Brother and Thee Wilt Chamberlain, all while traveling around the state to work with other emerging artists, most recently the talented Levek. His music gains complexity through the ability to layer strings (cello, namely) with synths and drums with ease, both on record and live, making for an impressively complete sound. Needless to say, the man’s got talent and it’s growing daily. You can download Not So Cold, Cave on Glowmobile Recording Company or along with his earlier works as Maximino on Bandcamp.

Album artwork is by fellow Winter Park resident, Katy Bradford, who is also looking for wax.


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