blackbird blackbird – ‘passions’

August 13, 2011

Blackbird Blackbird has gotten to a point where we expect the best and, whatever standard we hold them to, frontman Mikey Sanders has come through. When I first heard anything from San Francisco’s Blackbird Blackbird, they had released the brighten-your-life Happy High EP and he was still Bye Bye Blackbird. Ever since the name slight change and subsequent release of ‘Sunspray’ and a grocery list of other bangers, Blackbird Blackbird has emerged as a leader in the electronic arts. Their newest installment, ‘Passions’, is no different with a life of its own. Like previous work the shoegazed melody is bright and lined with pop beauty, but the folk strumming and vocals are something unseen in prior work. A slight change of pace that continues the faith.

Blackbird Blackbird – Passions

Visit Souldcloud // Bandcamp for more Blackbird Blackbird.

:: Personal Favorites ::
Bye Bye Blackbird – Up & Downs
Bye Bye Blackbird – Happy High


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