abadabad – ‘ashley’

August 15, 2011

A third installment of Brooklyn’s sea-side pop outfit ABADABAD series of singles that, like tender lovers, has slowly . Each single, further improving and further solidifying his echoing bedroom pop as here to stay, here to take over. As ‘Ashley’ begins, you gain an impression of distress from the at-peace guitar picking quickly followed up by an abrasive strum. The lyrics then cement your earlier senses and makes for a .


A truly beautiful track and a feature on Makeout Beach, a split with electropoppers Stoner Showers, emerging ultra-awesome label Chill Mega Chill, from the minds of Cactus-Mouth and Cool Things I Find (Ian over at Catcus-Mouth just put together a killer mixtape: Cool Cats, it’s super/free/TMCP approved).

Stoner Showers – True Romance
Stoner Showers – Welcome Home

Download the digital copy of Makeout Beach on Bandcamp and while you’re at it pick up the cassette for only $5 ($6.75 with s/h).

ABADABAD :: Bandcamp/Facebook/Twitter/Soundcloud
Stoner Showers :: Bandcamp/Soundcloud

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