[local spotlight] fortune howl – you can stay

August 19, 2011

The recent avalanche of generally fantastic music brewing in Orlando has me checking the city’s water for faint traces of magic. I’m serious. The best part is no two acts sport the same sound; to each their own. Take fancy beat maker Fortune Howl for example, the brainchild of Bryce Linde manages intricate loops and drifting layers drawn from his well-known and beloved influences like Flying Lotus and Hudson Mowhawke. The best part is, get this, Bryce is only 16 and already has an ear for twisting ambient spaces and candied samples into some sort of tastefully bizarre electronic double helix.

Fortune Howl – Space Squid
Fortune Howl – Bamboo Shoot!

His first full-length, entitled You Can Stay, was released digitally by the newly formed, extremely friendly, and Orlando-based label Relief in Abstract run by Jered Dowden, who I have to thank for introducing me to these good vibes. Stay put, I’ll have more from RIA Records for you early next week.

Fortune Howl :: Facebook/Bandcamp/Soundcloud/ReverbNation

Bonus: Fortune Howl – Samurai Sword (BUSTED by heRobust)


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