saskatchewan – ‘dreamboat’ (dj phorce & something meaningful remix)

August 19, 2011

By now, if you haven’t heard Saskatchewan‘s summertime anthem, ‘Dreamboat’, I’m honestly impressed. While the band has took a turn for the better, focusing on a mixture of 70s funk and 80s inspired pop, we can still indulge in their soft “woah-a-woah’s” from time to time, wondering what Chandler Strang and Michael Serrin’s voice would sound like auto-tuned. Thanks to Orlando’s DJ Phorce and a side project of Saskatchewan member Dave Plakon Something Meaningful, you don’t have to think anymore! The two collaborate to remix ‘Dreamboat’ into an even more bubbly tune that makes dancing seem easy. Check it out below.

Saskatchewan – Dreamboat (DJ Phorce & Something Meaningful Remix)

Saskatchewan :: Facebook/Bandcamp/Tumblr/Twitter

Revisit the Meghan Ellie Smith directed video for ‘Nice Daze’ after the jump.


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