field dress – holy field

August 24, 2011

It’s fluid and jagged, kinda like a choose-your-destiny book. In that respect, Austin’s Brenton Sluder, under the moniker Field Dress and with the help of Nick Cornetti, has chosen a complex path. His music is not in any way confined. Instead, Brenton utilizes vintage keyboards and any pedal in reach to both create and destroy everything from soul-felt pop melodies to avant-garde psychedelia. Holy Field, a digital self-release, comes packed with 11 tracks and 8 “hidden” bonus tracks, and is available for purchase on Bandcamp for a well-deserved $8.99. The vinyl is dropping sometime this fall courtesy of Austin’s Pau Wau Records.

Field Dress – Spoonbending
Field Dress – Spiral Arms

Field Dress :: Facebook/Soundcloud/Twitter/Bandcamp/Tumblr

Continue on to check out the live set up.

Sound quality isn’t the best, but you get the just.


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