alligator indian – ‘honey eye bee leave ewe’

August 25, 2011

I was creeping on Alligator Indian‘s Bandcamp last week for Control, their remix-for-remix split with Top Girls. Then, after creeping on fellow Floridian AWD Castles, I’m psyched to find out these garage poppers are releasing a new EP next month! ‘Honey Eye Bee Leave Ewe’, the oddly titled first single off FOOTBALL is chock full of synth-backed vocals and youthful energy; the kind that makes you get up and dance. And with member like Christian Church, Spooky Bubble, and Mayor Prankster, what’s not to love?

FOOTBALL is being released September 13 thanks to Bleeding Gold Records.

All proceeds from Alligator Indian’s split with Top Girls go directly to Planned Parenthood. Only $1 for good jams and a good cause.

Alligator Indian :: Bandcamp/Facebook/Soundcloud/Tumblr/Twitter


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