[video] sun glitters – love me (:papercutz remix)

August 31, 2011

The other night, as I lay in my bed half-awake, I opened up an email from the adventurous pop project :papercutz and in a matter of minutes was lulled to peace. Main man Bruno Miguel started as a solo act a few years back, evolving into a eerily danceable live band complete with moving visuals and some serious remixing powers. If you scope out their Soundcloud you’ll notice the long list of remixes and reworkings, each as different as the other. A couple of cutz that caught my attention were their dark electro remix of Courtship‘s ‘Housed’ which was featured on a quartet of Courtship remixes: Eve Remixes. Their screwed remix of Sun Glitters‘ ‘Love Me’ is drowned by intimacy and soaked in enough building synths you feel yourself growing as the song progresses. Download both tracks and watch the video for their remix of ‘Love Me’ below.

Sun Glitters – Love Me (:papercutz remix)
Courtship – Housed (:papercutz remix)

:papercutz :: Facebook/Soundcloud/Twitter

Dreamy Bonus: Heart Shaped Rock – Heart Shaped Rock (feat. Nite Jewel) (:papercutz remix)
^This song (as well as other remixes) will be available on the special edition release of Heart Shaped Rock‘s debut Heart Shaped EP out in October on Human Ear.


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