[mixtape] eternal limits

September 7, 2011

I figured we’d do something special for Too Many Carpets’ century post. Compared to ours monthly mixes, Eternal Limits is a shorter listen with an actual focus: to accompany and drive a half awake soul in the search of a serene shoreline. At the sands of the coast or the gravel of crossroads, the waters will wash you away.

Eternal Limits (Mediafire)

Yard GamesTired
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Sleep Tight and Sweet Dreams
Blind Man’s Colour
Jimmy Dove (USF Remix)
Bong Rodent
If I Gave Any Less of a Fuck, I’d Be In a Coma
Orange Blossom Flyover
Someone Like You
Body Language
At A Glance (Toro Y Moi Remix)
Beach Wall
Spanish Prisoners
Still Ill (Smiths Cover)
In A Car, Going Somewhere
x Ricky Eat AcidHalls
Black Brick
All I Wanna Do (Beach Boys Remix/Rewrite)
Ricky Eat Acid
When I Was Four
Thee Wilt Chamberlain
For Joe Meek
After Hours with George Quartz
Last Summer

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