fruit flesh – guilt exchange

September 12, 2011

A couple of weeks back George of AWD Castles encouraged me to indulge myself in a certain tropical-minded act riding the wave of Tallahassee’s thriving scene. The band at hand is Jake Tobin’s solo project Fruit Flesh. More than tropical, Fruit Flesh is able to saturate your ears with enough psychedelic pop no natural force could rip these sounds from your head. The instant pleasure I get from sampled* recorded (turns out Jake is more talented than I imagined, props Jake) saxophone and a waterfall effect of dizzying vocals and tree house goodness only excites the fact Jake is releasing his debut tape from Wonder Beard “real soon.” Check out ‘Viral Infection’ and ‘Cocaine’ below and download Guilt Exchange in it’s entirety on Bandcamp.

Fruit Flesh – Viral Infection
Fruit Flesh – Cocaine

Fruit Flesh :: Facebook/Twitter/Website/Soundcloud

*Thanks to Jon of ATHID for the true hollywood story.

Jump down to see the video of ‘Habit(at)’


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