quiet evenings – intrepid trips

September 16, 2011

Walking out from under the overhang, the boy took a glimpse north and gradually gazed over the Georgian skyline. nothing alluded what went through his head. It may have stopped time or slowed hope. But for the slightest moment, the slightest calm, life was infinite. Everything was sleeping and nothing was alive.

Quiet Evenings can last a lifetime, if you’re pure in the search; a concept Grant and Rachel Evans know all too well. Their sound washes chills throughout your limbs, reaching in and kneading out anguish to the tunes of relief. The ability to shut off the world and drift. Intrepid Trips clocks in two fifteen minute journeys void physical needs. Close your eyes, unplug the walls and allow the whirl of the synth to take control.

Interpid Trips is available on purple marbled vinyl with metallic gold and black label from Grant Evans’ own Hooker Vision.

Rachel Evans also acts under the ethereal-based moniker Motion Sickness of Time Travel (MSOTT) and project we’re fond of.

Quiet Evenings :: Facebook / Bandcamp 

View the video for ‘Finality’ off Transcending Spheres under the link below.


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