run dmt – ‘romantic’ + ‘dreaming’

September 19, 2011

The odd mind of Mike Collins and his genre-bending project Run DMT have been out of the public eye since the what-did-I-just-fall-in-love-with release of Bong Voyage last fall. According to Altered Zones, the man traveled our great country by freight train during that time and is now settling back down to focus on a variety of projects. Enter Culture Dealer. Aside from Run DMT, his apparent focus has been placed towards this shop of sorts up in Baltimore.

As you can see for the video, this is no normal dealer. In fact, if that collage tinkled your fancy, Culture Dealer has a VHS complete with “mental maps, warped perspectives, dream exploits, nose cameras, audio-visual experiments and much more.” If you can get your hands on a VHS player, the $7 is well worth the experience.

On their website, Run DMT has his first release in over a year up for grabs! Exclusively on cassette, DREAMS features eleven tracks written and recorded throughout his journeys from the Massachusetts shoreline to a Rainbow Gathering in Tennessee. You can stream and download ‘ROMANTIC’ and ‘Dreaming’ to get a perspective on the latest evolution. The root spirits remain; his steps retraced, renewed with a learned perspective and a shuttle launch of possibilities.

Run DMT – Dreaming

Run DMT :: Myspace / Culture Dealer / Tumblr

Continue on for a dose of year old Run DMT jams.

Run DMT – Spruce Bringsteen
Run DMT – mad weed


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