curare – ‘beards’ + ‘el arenal’

September 21, 2011

"Sound is the vocabulary of nature." - Pierre Schaeffer

I received a bit of schooling today in the art form of musique concrete. The origins lie in a World War II Francen where Pierre Schaeffer solidified the electroacoustic genre which requires the listener to be in absolute silence while listening to achieve the full effect. He described his work as “an opera for blind people, a performance without argument, a poem made of noises, bursts of text, spoken or musical.” I’m honestly amazed at what this man created, especially when looking at the instruments at hand and the jazz-oriented music of the time period. The level of spacey, experimental psychedelia is astounding.

The start of the curiosity came from Curare, the codename of Buenos Aires’ Sebastain Realpe. A modern day take on the classic avant-garde genre, Curare takes the fill-the-air experimental side of the French style and twists in some serious synth with a hint of danceability. Take a listen to ‘Beards’ and ‘El Arenal’ below and check out the long list of singles on Bandcamp, they’re a buck a pop.

Curare :: Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Flickr (Sebastain’s a surreal artist too)


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