saskatchewan – ‘skinny dipping’

September 22, 2011

Orlando’s dream pop crew Saskatchewan started out the year with the bright-minded 7″ Nice Daze and burst into headphones everywhere with the “hey, it’s summer” quirky-pop tune ‘Dreamboat‘. Now that fall is almost upon us, these lovely gentlemen have returned from their boat at sea and given us tales of Skinny Dipping. The density of the two track 7″ opens up and paves the road for what’s to come. The a-side title track holds a sense of eeriness over our heads as backseat synthlines are driven by vocals set on filling the air and brawling with heavy set guitar rifts. Download ‘Skinny Dipping’ below and visit their Bandcamp for the plucked-from-dreams B-side ‘Cabin Fever’.

Saskatchewan – Skinny Dipping

If you’re in Orlando, Saskatchewan is headlining a more than stacked show October 3 at Will’s Pub for Low Dough Mondays and embarking on an East Coast tour soon after (keep a lookout for that, New England).

Saskatchewan :: Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitter / Website / Shirts & Tanks


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