the new lines – ‘the falaise gap’

September 23, 2011

After running around the past week, I finally got to sit down and flip through some emails. Let me say I was more than ecstatic to see an update from Princeton psych guys The New Lines. A month’s passed since their release of the 60s-gold track ‘Off Axis’, their contribution to a split 7″ with Still Corners, and they’ve been busy. The group is set to release their debut full-length next month and have dropped an electronic-styled trip in preparation entitled ‘The Falaise Gap’. In historical terms the gap was a decisive moment in the Battle of Normandy. In melodic terms The New Lines have made simple psychedelia lusting with purity.

All That We See And Seem will be digitally released mid-October. Stay tuned in.

The New Lines :: Facebook / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Vimeo

Revisit the video for ‘Voyager Program 1977’ after the jump>>


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