tv girl – ‘sarah (meet me in the sauna)’

September 27, 2011

After a slight legal spat with Warner Music Group, who claimed false use of a sample of Todd Rundgren‘s “Hello, It’s Me” and attempted to remove the unspeakably beautiful ‘If You Want It’ from the internet. If you scroll through TV Girl‘s Soundcloud or quick search Youtube the evidence shows the persisting strength of the for-the-artist music community and the slow death of we-mad unchill cats like WMG.

Good news is the sun continues to rise on San Diego’s TV Girl, their morning drive is over and work has begun. Their first physical release entitled Girls Like Me demands a pay raise and will eventually demand a repressing. ‘Sarah (Meet Me In The Sauna)’, the B-side of the debut 7″, chafes and charms with accelerated heart beats and gifts the will to win the affection of your poolside crush. Listen below.

You can listen to the 7″ sibling ‘Girls Like Me’ on Bandcamp and pick up the Girls Like Me 7″ from Small Plates: the godly label efforts of I Guess I’m Floating and yvynyl.

TV Girl :: Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitter / Soundcloud


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