tumblewoof remixes

October 3, 2011

Philly-based producer Dylan Sieh gained some international attention early this year with his mash-ups of French indie rockers Phoenix and the ever deteriorating talent of Lil Wayne.

<Dear Cash Money Records, reissue Get It How U Live! and go on a reunion tour> 

Now, through the heatwaves of spring and summer, his work under Tumblewoof has supplied a charity of remixes — highlighting chopped trip-hop and injecting medicinal shoegaze to artists new and old. Tumblewoof does not discriminate; Tumblewoof procreates.

The Carpenters – Rainy Daze Monday (Tumblewoof Remix)
New Animal – Other Side (Tumblewoof Remix)
Charlene – Anthony Hamilton (Tumblewoof Remix)

Check Bandcamp for more remixes at a ‘name yer price’ price.

Tumblewoof :: Soundcloud / Bandcamp / WebsiteTumblr / Youtube / Twitter


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