work drugs – ‘blue steel’

October 5, 2011

An ode to Derek Zoolander? Maybe. Their favorite John Wayne movie? I hope so. A smooth sailing invite to a dance party? It’s science. Fresh off their glowing indie-pop debut Summer Blood, Philadelphia’s Work Drugs are a delight to ingest and in fact addicting. The first single ‘Blue Steel’ is as provocative as young love and radiates enough footloose suave you literally become a rebellious Kevin Bacon bent on defeating a small town’s ban on dancing.

Work Drugs – Blue Steel

Aurora Lies, their first proper release, is out November 7

Work Drugs :: Facebook / Bandcamp / Website / Tumblr / Twitter / Souncloud

The video for ‘Blue Steel’ + the Work Drugs Smooth Mix of Little Scream‘s ‘The Heron and the Fox’ after the jump.

The clips are from the 80s classic: Mannequin

Little Screams – The Heron and the Fox (Work Drugs Smooth Mix)


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