alligator – ‘bloody mouth’ + ‘hush’

October 10, 2011

Alligator, the two-piece in question, hails from Lyon, France: a beautiful town best known for being far away from here. The sounds of Lisa Duroux and Elizabeth Hargrett refuse to see an issue in distance, their well-mannered bellows amid a simple bass and drums mentality brew a fine conveyance of pure pop punk. ‘Bloody Mouth’ features influences from mid-90s grunge to a gentle ode to woodblocks. ‘Hush’, somber with fuzz, is the most reverby of the bunch and is packed with enough subtle emotion it sends a symphony of shivers up your spine. Listen and download below.

Alligator – bloody mouth
Alligator – hush

For the rest of their debut, head to Bandcamp. For a peek into the abstract, head over to Lisa Duroux’s Website

Alligator :: Bandcamp / Soundcloud

Continue on for a live recording of Lisa Duroux performing a minimalist version of ‘Major Tom (Coming Home)’ entitled ‘les 12/14 ans’ (the 12/14 year)


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