BOSCO – ‘deaf ears’ + ‘needle heart’

October 11, 2011

Brittney Bosco native of Atlanta and current resident of Savannah, Georgia is a mountain of power. Not in a utilitarian sense, but in composition and vocalization. Under the shortened moniker BOSCO, her vocal experimentation and long list of producers incorporate the beat-focused alternative ambiance which conjured the creation of what we now regard as chillwave.

From her concept EP The Scene, the natural beauty in ‘Deaf Ears’ is the progression. Soft acoustic pickings guide an ominous vocal display that drops like a fierce release of full-body sensation that quickly fades, as the movie score inspired track only clocks in at 1:38 // The Scene features beats from Balmorhea, KC accidentials, and Omar Ferrer // In the name of variety, off her Pacer EP, ‘Needle Heart’ lands somewhere near a female-fronted Black Moth Super Rainbow track: psychedelic and electronic at its core and boasting the pop principles BOSCO has come to share // The Pacer EP features production from Ira G, Dogbite, and Star Slinger // Follow the links to Bandcamp to explore the wide-ranging talents of BOSCO.

BOSCO – Facebook / TwitterTumblr / Bandcamp / Website / The Big Up! Collective

[ALT LISTEN] Open up ‘Deaf Ears’ in two windows and start one 5sec after the other for a surreal, at home delay experience.

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