top girls – ‘urban legend’ + persona la ave remix

October 12, 2011

The ever-trusting trail between collaborators strikes again. Alligator Indian recently partook in a digital remix-for-remix 7″ with fellow North Caroliner Top Girls. Alligator Indian has solidified itself as luscious pysch-pop, Evan Adams of Top Girls takes definite command of ambient ethereals. ‘Urban Legend’ is in tune with the mind’s mellow solidarity, yet is able to see the ever-expanding universe in it’s truest form: the present.

Top Girls – Urban Legend

Persona La Ave does right and chops Top Girls’ work into a subterranean stroll bent on remaining lost.

Top Girls – Urban Legend (Persona La Ave Afterparty REMIX)

We Will Rise EP is out October 18th >> digitally via Toronto’s Hi Scores Records + on cassette via the always tender Chill Mega Chill.

Top Girls :: Bandcamp / Facebook /



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