[guest mixtape] JSHIH – translucent sprinkles mix

October 19, 2011

We have a super special present for you today. JSHIH, recent signee to Chill Mega Chill and all around great dude, has gifted TMCP with his first ever mix! A trademark intro of Mr. Shih sets up eight tracks chosen and manicured to his artistic likings. If the tune of that didn’t one up the holidays enough, smack dab in the middle of the half hour mix you’ll find the premiere of JSHIH’s awe-inspiring remix of Ghost Town DJ’s ‘My Boo’ which will be officially released within the soon-to-drop third installment of Sewage Tapes’ Sewer Greats. Download the mix below. You’re about to have a new jam.

Translucent Sprinkles [mediafire]

1. Kuhrye-oo – Soul Handsome
2. Flume – Sleepless ft. Anthony For Cleopatra
3. Ricky Eat Acid – Only Girl
4. Braids – Native Speaker (Born Gold Remix)
5. Ghost Town DJ’s – My Boo (JSHIH Remix) (Premiere)
6. Teams – MVP
7. Ra Cailum – I Know That You’ve Known
8. Rustie – After Light

JSHIH: Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitter / Soundcloud

The video of the OG ‘My Boo’ is below for you viewing pleasure. 

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