vyxor – ‘ssssoftware’

October 20, 2011

Somewhere there lays a forest built by avant garde algorithms and the efforts of lost souls. Berkley’s Vyxor finds a strength in strings and a fear in death through unusual melodies of synthpop and glitched funk that is conjoured up into a thrilling electronic ride. The snakely stutter of ‘SSSSoftwave’ transcends the same old bells and whistles, prohibiting a simple classification. Listen below, you’ll understand.

Vyxor – SSSSoftware

Tyler Burton is the mind behind the tunes, a man’s man of the Baroque Saxophone and did his thesis on Frank Zappa (boss). His upcoming self-release Nocturne Feveron, due out in November and a play off a hardcore Japanese danmaku arcade game, is a genre-spanning spectacle meant to evoke nightmares. Check the title track out and the short glitch gift ‘v-Ñ70r’ below.

Vyxor – Nocturne Feveron
Vyxor – v-Ñ70r

Vyxor :: Facebook / Soundcloud / Twitter / Bandcamp

And don’t forget about Vyxor’s super remix of Nazcarnation’s ‘Beautiful Brodown’


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