[under the rug] tandem bicycle – ‘your boyfriend is mtv (i’m pbs)’

October 22, 2011

This EP by Tandem Bicycle is fucking awesome. Half of their debut Breezes is slow-paced, has the stylings of an empty closet, and features a toy piano as its main instrument. Three songs down, Breezes takes a realistically surprising turn into a seaside 808 machine. Don’t worry the toy piano makes a cameo.

The climax comes in with the oddly titled ‘Your Boyfriend is MTV (I’m PBS)’, a love-stricken, tongue-in-cheek metaphoric tale that plays through like a spirit in free fall. The consistent, interchanging angelic chants, drive home drums, and mellow, monotone vocal tone – comparable to Pizza’s ‘Be A Man’ – all collide into a truly wonderful pop song.

Listen below and download the entire Breezes EP, you need it all + it’s free.

Tandem Bicycle – Your Boyfriend Is MTV (I’m PBS)
Tandem Bicycle – Elephant 

Tandem Bicycle :: Bandcamp

There isn’t much out there about this Detroit wonder // Keep your weird, kids


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