slow magic – ‘feel flows’

November 2, 2011

An unknown glow is heard, not seen. It chutes through mangled branches bankrupt by moss swells, a system so entwined, so enticed in a waking life. As onlookers became blind, the unknown glow grew. Gathering girth and gaining momentum. Daily novelties resist the cold as winter stops its advances and checks in. The unknown glow grew, a simple black to white recognition, the night birth knew.

Moogfest took the life out of me, from the sudden influx of gloried sights and sounds. Today, I returned to real life to find Slow Magic filling the void. SM, A shadowed man from some distant celestial river delivers a sound free of fear and dressed in serotonin. ‘Feel Flow’ is no exception. A combination of a muffled “Oh” on repeat and a high ranged funk synth both exhibit development and have me pleading for more.

Slow Magic: Facebook / Twitter /  Soundcloud / Bandcamp

Drive the white tube socked video for 'Feel Flows' after the jump


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