new feature: [weekend double]

November 5, 2011

My search for a illegitimate job continued today and the sick thought of working the dreaded weekend double came flooding back into my head. I overcame the sickness with a pair of Tijiana Flats’ chicken tacos and racked my mind for the bright side to such a devil. It may have been the Endorphin Rush hot sauce or pure inspiration (money on the sauce), but the outcome was this: a sporadic saturday double feature to host everything from two killer mixtapes to a couple of  Alan Watts videos.

Let’s get weird.

It’s come to my attention that in the world of Too Many Carpets, we’ve kept the club bangers on a low burn. So why not dress up for the first installment of Weekend Double and break the streak.

In light of a recent MTV Party to Go binge I scoured the web with a childlike tremble for 90s house funk gold. While Portland’s Purple & Green were shown to me by the stalwart Maximino a few weeks back, the oddidies of Kid Whatever & Chainsaw came to in a bandcamp dream. Dance, would ya?

Kid Whatever & Chainsaw :: Facebook  / Bandcamp / Soundcloud

Purple & Green :: Facebook / Twitter / Site / Bandcamp / Tumblr


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