hotwax – ‘after’ + ‘galactic chill’

November 10, 2011

I ran across this Clearwater chap while stalking the pages of our spotlighted boy wonder xxyyxx. It didn’t catch my attention instantly so I left Soundcloud alone and proceeded wandering. Over thirty minutes passed before I realized this man had put me in full-body trance. Stunned and pleased, I approved.

Hotwax, the solo project of Adam Keilbach, works friendly downtempos into an already chilled electronic atmosphere. With an impressive list of content and a real world shell-ridden tunes, he rises your senses like the chillest bread oven on the market. This man will not allow the slumbers of summer morning dew.

Hotwax – After
Hotwax – Galactic Chill

Hotwax :: Facebook / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Youtube


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