beat culture – ‘if only’

November 11, 2011

To sum up my week, I won a knockout tourney (relevant) and have been spinning Beat Culture’s ‘If Only’ like a carnie’s ferris wheel. We  drooled over his Goldenbacked Weaver LP a couple months back and thanks to an early monday morning email ending with “I guarantee you will not be disappointed,” it began. Turns out the words from Beat Culture’s Sinuk Kim were a massive understatement.

Beat Culture – If Only

With a dreamed knack for samplings, Beat Culture is further defining and refining his namesake into a major player in the ever-rising world of MIDI production. And while Toyko//Dreamer has no plans for physical release, I have a hunch the internet tape gods will gladly find a suitable home for this talent-drenched man.

Beat Culture :: Facebook / Soundcloud / Bandcamp / Twitter / Tumblr

Continue on to grab the uber-chilled ‘Before You Go’

Beat Culture – Before You Go


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