mindthings – ‘consequence of unseen effects’

November 18, 2011

It seemed as thought the mind games would were real. He read in languages he only saw in dreams, a single page lasting weeks. Approaching with a murmured grace and a pocket watch for focus, the room began to fill with cannibalistic instincts. The scoreboard had been blank for years, for good reason, as the pen had run dry.

The faceless blonde, with inklings of distance and a traveled stare, parted her lips slightly as to retract a thought of heavy boots. Why weird wolves gathered was irrelevant as direct objects came and went without effort. “Want to walk around the yard?” “I guess, yeah.” Fresh replaced recycled and life lingered for a few more moments.

Mindthings – Consequences of Unseen Effects
Mindthings – Second Rise

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The French will rise again!


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