[local spotlight] – telethon

November 22, 2011

I suppose it’s about time. After a machine gun of releases spanning all the oddities known to worlds unseen, Telethon is getting the calls they deserve. Devoid of urges to cookie-cut their sound into whatever’s pops, these pysch-cats have chiseled themselves into a marble-hard staple within Orlando’s growing scene. Their ever-enthusiastic leader, Tele V. Cheeseburger aka local juggernaut Matt Kamm, seems fueled solely on musical adventures, conversation, and will serenade you at the drop of your words.

Telethon – Ow Nix Golly
Telethon – Get Things Wrong

Their first full on EP in about a year, Ow Nix Golly is saturated with funky grooves, catchy-as-hell hooks, and the weird pysch-tronica Telethon as grown to embody. You can grab a couple of my favorites above and download the beaut of an EP entirely for a name-your-price on Bandcamp. PS I hear there’s a cassette release in the works!

Telethon :: Facebook / Twitter / SoundcloudBandcamp / Site

Telethon Live! >>  haus show/pot luck in DeLand (11/26) + Localcopia 2011 in Orlando (12/3)


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