dreampeter – ‘mason jar’

November 30, 2011

Distraught acoustic musings, overtaken by a step-to beat and a troubled chorus of synth angels, the refrain reads “we aren’t going to wake up, to what would we wake up?” A heavy load from the debut of Ann Arbor’s Dreampeter, pointing to fragile miscues and doubts of fear. The combined efforts of a flossy Peter Wiley and Zen Tapes’ Matt Gilles redress despair into a mellowed lullaby capable of warming souls and freezing hearts.

Dreampeter – Mason Jar

[PS Zen Tapes is real time blog prime time and a daily routine of mine]

Dreampeter :: Bandcamp / Twitter / Facebook

Take the jump to stream/download the uber-spacey Lou Breed Psychic Surf Mix of ‘Mason Jar’


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