happy holidrakes

December 24, 2011

Tis the season for jingles / jangles. Let get to it.

  • Washington beat-maker Vektroid is offering up the killer Neo Cali free for download right now on Bandcamp, but hurry up there’s only 1500 available!
  • TMCP frequenters :papercutz made a slick cover of Silent Night [listen below]
  • The fine gents at Ugly Old have once again created Another Old Ugly Chirstmas compilation featuring the likes of The Joe, Ghost Cousin, and Bike Month available for free over on Bandcamp.
  • Deep in the Alligator Indian archives there’s a three-song EP written by the danger-duo for a pal of theirs: New Weird Xmas is available for download on ze Bandcamp.
  • NazcarNation uploaded a four-track xmas EP featuring some classic xmas with a snowed-in synth twist. Gander below.
  • Finally, the world’s greatest, R. Kelly, has written 32 more chapters of ‘Trapped in the Closet’. Possibly expanding the single best musical in recent memory, a feat any mother would be proud of.

Enjoy the holidrakes,



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