tandem bicycle – bermund▲

January 8, 2012

“Chris can’t spell for beans, and Drew is super popular and hip, so I [Abi] (the bookish, nerdy type) get the pleasure of sending this email.”

A warm email sent from Detroit’s charmingly unusual trio Tandem Bicycle enclosed details of their new album entitled Bermund▲ and subsequently soundtracked my afternoon. And as the album walked along side, the song-writing stood out above the chilled dance carriage it rode on. In no way is it typical, but it’s a style you recognize anyway. Connected without your usual connectors, each track stands apart from one another like a group of friends; you have your own life, but these kids are cool.

Tandem Bicycle – Michael Douglas
Tandem Bicycle – Dolphin Sex

The diversity of sandwich/soup love stories and a beaten down cover of ‘stop in the name of love’ coupled with a some re-released favoritesBermund▲ is free for DL at Bandcamp.

Tandem Bicycle :: Bandcamp / Facebook


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