hear hums – ‘toad licking’

January 10, 2012

The suspense surrounding Opens grows as Gainesville’s Hear Hums give us another look into the waves of psychedelia we’ve come to find in dream. It begins wet and altered, a combination common among their prior works, and blossoms into a naturally busy thought built on backyard guitars and tribal lashings. Now imagine a shimmering backdrop of water colored treetops and listen up.

Hear Hums – Toad Licking

‘Toad Licking’ was created for the second volume of the brilliant Tally-based project Sample Based Life. The first edition was curated by Off Balance Atlas, and featured an incredible array of acts from around the Southeast. This time around, Volume II was curated by West Palm Beach’s electronic wizards Sumsun and, with no official word on it’s release date, I’m anxious to see what who else is involved. If you’re not familiar with the project, the premise is an artist uploads a bank of sounds online and gives other artists the opportunity to pick out the sounds they want, and create a song inspired by and with the sounds. Rad, right?!

Hear Hums :: Facebook / Live @ Shea Stadium / Bandcamp / Blog

Fall down for the video for ‘Shrines’ off the aforementioned Opens which is expected to drop early this year.


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