[local spotlight] – nicole miglis

January 14, 2012

I was fortunate enough to be shown the talents of Gainesville’s Nicole Miglis last year and ended up spending the next two days in seclusion listening to her ‘Quiet Mornings’ demo. Now, with her first official release simply coined EP, we are further engulfed with awe as wind blown sand gallops over piano keys and falling leaves pluck guitar strings in the gracious company of an indescribable voice. With friends on her side, we’re given a collection of songs written within the span three years [2008-2010], a collection 18 minutes in length, a collection that extends time and space, a viscid experience deep set in your soul-lit shadows.

Aside from her solo work, Nicole exists in alternating forms. She stands among the ever-talented members of Levek‘s backing band, is the helmswoman of brilliant newcomers Hundred Waters, and a purveyor of cabin music with Tiny Ridge Walkers. And through it all, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything without grace. I’m still not sure where we can snag the CD pictured below, as a trip to Gainesville becomes even more tempting.

Nicole Miglis :: Bandcamp / Tumblr


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