January 20, 2012

Cleveland vagabonds Cloud Nothings wooed ears with their self-titled collection of indescribably catchy lo-fi rifts I’ve caught myself swerving through traffic to. If there’s anything the stream of Attack on Memory illustrates, it’s their obvious stray away from their former light lo-fi sound. The available singles, namely No Future/No Past, hint at a progression towards a heavier, rawer array of noise. The Steve Albini produced album, only eight songs in length, has post-hardcore tendencies and a stronger part from leadman Dylan Baldi. Stream Attack on Memory on Soundcloud and pick it up from Carpark Records Tuesday.

I caught a glimse of Porcelain Raft on tour last October: one man / one machine / one guitar / loud enough to put the speakers in overdrive. The sounds took a path uncommon, emmulating a style of dance tunes heavy in reverb and soft at heart. Strange Weekend is the highly inticipated debut album from the man behind the raft, Mauro Remiddi. A man with an impressive collection of self-released EPs and a knack for soothing vocals. The debut full-length spells out his surreal progression in a sophisticated, mind-bending kind of way. Stream Strange Weekend on Hype Machine and snag a copy from Secretly Canadian.

PS Chairlift is back.


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